This is only available from November to January

Arbequina Variety Olive Oil which keeps its olive flavour

Our extra virgin olive oil “OLI DEL RAIG” can be purchased in family sized bottles, made of plastic (PET) which guarantees its quality as well as giving it extra value for money. It is great for everyday use or as a gift.

This Oli del Raig (First Olive Oil of the Harvest) is the result of the first olives to be pressed during the harvest time. It should be consumed straight away because it throws a crust in the bottle. Basically this olive oil is not put through any filtering machines which would remove a lot of the solid material and volatile remains of olives which help to extend the life of our olive oils once they have gone through our mill. This sediment made up of olives which can still be found floating in the form of tiny particles in the “oli del raig” add flavour, taste and texture to the product as well as contributing to its cloudy appearance.

These remains of the olive mean that the life of this oil is shorter than filtered oils and over time, the sediment will build up on the bottom of the bottle. This means, the oil is only bottled on demand and should be used more quickly than our other oils. This is one of the intrinsic characteristics of this first oil, the fact it throws a crust in the bottle.