The secret of our Siurana PDO Extra Virgin Arbequina Variety Olive Oil

La Palma d’Ebre is part of the County of Ribera d’Ebre (Banks of the Ebro), although it is located quite far from the Ebro River itself. It can be found in the most northern part of the region as well as being at its highest point, where it borders with Les Garrigues and Priorat counties.

The village lies at 335m above sea level on a small plateau above the Vall Major (Main Valley) and the so-called Font Vella (Ancient Spring) which dates back to the times of the Muslim domination of Spain.

This geographically strategic location, together with its ideal climate and soil well suited for growing Arbequina olives have resulted in the production of excellent olives which are made into extra virgin Arbequina variety olive oil, guaranteed by the Siurana Protected Designation of Origin. Our know-how is also an important factor which is closely linked to our olive oil production. Our olive groves shelter 100 year old olive trees, which help to guarantee the quality of the fruit they produce. We are also close to celebrating a hundred years as a cooperative, with families working together as Extra Virgin Arbequina Variety Olive Oil Producers.

Traditions, quality, know-how, our special land and good conservation of our olive oil in well-prepared premises.

What is our secret? It is our producers’ commitment to a job well done, respecting tradition, striving for quality, knowing what to do… It is also our special land and our facilities where we keep our olive oils underground in the same underground vats our grandfathers built and used 100 years ago. These vats are still in use today and by using them, we are paying homage to past generations. It also means that our olive oil is stored in optimum conditions until it is served at our customers’ table.

We have always been the olive mill of Tarragona and we wish to continue being this, making the best olive oil for our friends, family and customers.

We are part of the Siurana PDO guarantee of origin and quality and we care for our environment.

The Siurana Protected Designation of Origin (Siurana PDO) is of indisputable quality, but our passion for it goes far beyond this.

A thousand-year-old legacy whose roots cast deep into the soil feeding the trees which grow from it; the delicacy of wise hands as they pick each and every olive; the excitement of transforming them into flavours which define them. The local people work hard to produce Siurana Olive oil, are part of the Protected Designation of Origin and their connection goes above and beyond each harvest. It is, truly this sentiment that makes a great olive oil, coupled with skill and commitment and a job well done.

Extra Virgin Arbequina Variety Olive Oil Vall Major

The olive oil Vall Major is a fruity and aromatic extra virgin olive oil with the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Siurana, one of the first recognized designations in Spain.

This olive oil is obtained by grinding arbequine olives collected directly from the tree and the posterior separation of the liquid that is obtained from them without chemical means. It is a product 100% natural and first cold pressed, so all its organoleptic characteristics are preserved.

The arbequine olives are collected manually, and every day freshly harvested they are brought to the cooperative to be grinded. This guarantees a great quality of the oil, as well as the rigorous controls under which is subjected to belong to the Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) Siurana. Its acidity is less than 0’3º.

An exclusive and own oil production with olive trees.

Sensory analysis of our oil and tasting notes:

Apperance: Green yellow with brilliant pieces.

Smell: The fruity of olive is green with mature notes, very intense, it remembers us of the freshly cut grass and it’s so important to the nose as to the mouth. It boasts of a great diversity of secondary vegetal aromas, such as the almond, the artichoke, the nut, the fennel, and the tomato plant. The almond and the banana contribute with their mature notes.

In mouth: The bitter, astringent and spicy touches go together with the sweetnerss, very pleasant for the palate.

All in all it is a very balanced and harmonic oil with some features, very tipical from territory that the Protected Denomination of Origin Siurana represents.

Barça Football Team’s Official Olive Oil – the olive oil which has won the highest awards.

A test of quality and excellence for our olive oil

logo barca

We are proud and very pleased that such an important football team as el Barça has chosen our oil to be their club’s official olive oil. It is proof of its quality and authenticity, values which both we and the FC Barcelona team share. This is combined with our hard work, dedication, tradition and innovation.

You can purchase the Barça Olive Oil in its elegant box pack in the exclusive sizes of 250 ml and 100 ml. These formats guarantee the quality and good conservation of our Siurana PDO Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive Oil and at the same time, allows you offer an exclusive and original gift.

Enjoy a drop of the football champions’ olive oil and have a bottle on your table to celebrate their victories!

Our extra virgin Arbequina variety olive oil which is protected by the Siurana Designation of Origin is a prestigious olive oil which has won some of the most important prizes and awards around Spain. It is now also the official olive oil of the Barcelona Football Club.